Municipal Court

The Municipal Court provides judicial processing of citations which occur within the territorial limits of the City of Elmendorf.  The Court has jurisdiction over criminal offenses punishable by fine only (Class C Misdemeanors) including:​
  • Traffic and parking citations
  • Animal control cases
  • Code enforcement cases

Presiding Judge: Honorable Judge Charles Stubblefield
Prosecutor: Kristina Rojas-Stompel
Municipal Court Clerk: David Flores

Court Decorum

Order. Order shall be maintained at all times. Violation of this rule can result in a reprimand by the judge, expulsion from the courtroom or a contempt citation.

  • Unless an attorney is making an objection, only one person may speak at a time.
  • No one may speak while the judge is speaking.
  • Participants will address others respectfully.
  • Courtrooms shall not be used as passageways.

Weapons.  Absolutely no illegal weapons shall be brought into the courtroom.  Commissioned peace officers may bring weapons into the courtroom. The judge shall have the discretion to have any object removed from the courtroom.

Food/Drink.  In order to maintain cleanliness and decorum in the courtroom, no open containers of food or drink shall be consumed in or brought in to the courtroom, except with permission of the judge.

Reading Materials.  Reading by non-participants shall be not be permitted in the courtroom when it causes noise or other distractions to the participants.

Seating.  All persons in the courtroom shall be seated, except when addressing the judge or jury, when a seat is not available, when directed to rise by a court officer, or with permission of the judge.

​Attire.  All persons shall dress appropriately for all court proceedings. Inappropriate attire includes but is not limited to clothing with obscene language or images, pants that sag and/or expose undergarments, flip-flops, tank tops, cut-off shorts, pajamas, and clothing that is dirty or unsanitary. Shoes shall be worn at all times. No hats or sunglasses shall be worn in the courtroom except with the permission of the judge.

Electronic Devices. All electronic devices shall be turned off or in silent mode. Any devices that interfere with the operation of the court's digital recording system shall be removed from the courtroom.

Recording of Court Proceedings. Taking photographs and audio and/or video recording in the courtroom is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule SHALL result in reprimand, expulsion from the courtroom, or a contempt citation.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Honorable Judge Charles Stubblefield Presiding Judge
David Flores Municipal Court Clerk
Kristina Rojas-Stompel City Prosecutor