Job Application


Reserve Police Officer

The Elmendorf Police Department is in need of non-paid police officers. We are building a quality team of pro-active officers.  The city has 1,488 citizens and is located along Loop 1604 on the southern edge of San Antonio. Traffic Enforcement, city ordinances and narcotics investigations are priorities. 

Police Officers are required to work a minimum of 24 hours per month. Support Officers are fully expected to complete the same duties as regular full-time officers which include, but are not limited to: Traffic enforcement, neighborhood patrol, arrests, assisting other agencies, special assignments, etc. After completing training and based on experience, reserve officers will be released to work on their own. Uniforms are not provided. 

​Education, training, experience:
If less than a 180 day break, you will need to provide: 
1. Certified Copy of Court Disposition for all charges on CCH 
2. Military Discharge, if applicable 
3. Date of last firearms qualification. 

If greater than a 180 day break in service, you will need all of the aforementioned as well as: 
1. To complete and pay for L-2 (Medical Condition) and L-3 (Mental Evaluation 
2. DPS/FBI fingerprint return from "FAST" as well as fingerprints. 

This list does not include forms within the application, but you are expected to have these items if you pass the initial interview. 

Additionally, you must meet the following criteria: 
1. Basic Peace Officer License issued by TCOLE 
2. High School diploma or GED equivalent. 
3. Be of high moral and ethical standards 
4 Have excellent people skills 
5. Valid driver's license and acceptable driving record 
6. Be respectful and respectable.

If you believe you can contribute to the team approach we are seeking, send your application promptly.
Contact Police Chief Marco Pena by phone at 210.635.8710. 

The City of Elmendorf is an equal opportunity employer.