Our Boards, Committees and Commissions are comprised of citizens like you who volunteer their time and energy to set the direction of our City's future. 

We encourage our residents to become active in local government. However, all members must be residents of the City of Elmendorf and citizens may only serve on one board or commission at one time. There are different requirements for each seat, and we hope that, if you join one of these groups, you can work with your neighbors to find new ways to make life better for everyone who lives here.

To apply for a seat on a City of Elmendorf Board, Committee or Commission, please call City Hall at 210-635-8210.

City of Elmendorf is a Type A General-Law Municipality as set forth in the Local Government Code Sec. 5.901.  Our City Council consists of a Mayor and five (5) alderpersons who are elected by qualified voters of the municipality.  City business is conducted by the City Council which sets policy for the city. City staff carries out those policies. Additionally, certain government business will go through one of the city's committees, the Planning and Zoning Committee or the Reinvestment Zone number one Board of Directors.