​​​​​Procedure of Purchase of Plots

​​Only residents of the City of Elmendorf may purchase plots in the City Cemetery. Prior to the purchase of a plot(s), the resident must provide a valid form of identification and current water bill from the City of Elmendorf as proof of residence. Each resident will be limited to two plots.

Any resident of Elmendorf desiring to purchase a plot or burial space in the permanent care cemetery shall deposit with the City Secretary $500.00 per plot.

Veterans and current members of the United States Armed Services, who are residents of Elmendorf, may purchase a plot for the use of that veteran or service member for $100.00.  

​An individual or entity owning a plot(s) in the City Cemetery may not sale, transfer or convey a plot(s) to an individual or entity that is not a resident of the City of Elmendorf and must submit a written request to the City Administrator requesting approval of the transfer of the plot(s) prior to the sale, transfer or conveyance.  The transfer of the plot(s) will pay a $50.00 fee for each plot for which trasfer is sought.

Valid Form of Identification

- Texas driver license/identification card within 2 years of the expiration date
- Unexpired U.S. passport book or passport card;

- Unexpired Department of Homeland Security or U.S. Citizenship and
- Immigration Services document that contains a verifiable date and identifiable photo

- Unexpired U.S. military ID card. 

Opening and Closing Graves

​Upon the deposit of such money, the City Secretary shall issue a certificate acknowledging receipt of such money and describing the location of the space so purchased, together with the covenant of the City to permanently care for and maintain the sod, trees, and shrubs on such space. All such certificates shall be recorded by the owner in the Deed Records of Bexar County, Texas. 

Monument Installation

All markers, monuments, or other appurtenances used to designate burial spaces or graves in the City Cemetery must be made of bronze, granite or marble.  The marker, monument or appurtenance shall be nor larger than the plot and shall be no taller than four (4) feet from the ground level.  All monuments shall be installed in the City Cemetery by the licensed funeral home responsible for the internment in accordance with the City specification established for monument placement.  The City Administrator or designee will have the right to refuse the placement of any item on a grave site if the City Administrator or designee finds that the item does not comply with this Ordinance or is such poor quality that it will hinder the maintenance of the area around the plot by City staff.  

If a non-conforming monument existing in the City Cemetery is removed after this Ordinance is enacted, the owner may only replace the monument that conforms with the section of the City Cemetery Code.

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